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Adaptive websites that work on mobile platforms are called RESPONSIVE TEMPLATES. Programmed in responsive design.

Current websites using the old style of Content Management System will no longer continue to be responsive to modern mobile browsers. This is due to changes in technology over the last year like Windows 8. We strongly recommend our customers to change to a responsive template based website. CUPS can provide advice and manage the whole migration. We can either transfer over the current design or it may be a good time for some customers to start thinking about an update to their current website design.


It seems timely to talk about this if you wish to review your websites hosting. This is very relevant to you as you may still have old logos and affiliations displayed which should be amended to the new bodies such as the FCA that now regulate the UK financial services providers. Or maybe certifications that need updating. If you leave it much longer you won’t be able to amend your existing website at all, because you may find that your web hosting partner can no longer provide support the older software types that may have been around since 1999.

You may not notice any changes or have any issues with your current website for some time to come but we want to start making people aware of change so they can think about what they would like to do and we can plan in any migrations or updates to best suit their business. If a new design is something you are thinking of we could look to create it on a test address and only switch over once it is completed, leaving the current website up and running in the meantime to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

We estimate any transition for our average size of customer would take around 20 hours. Feel free to get us to talk about the costs of implementation (generally around 20 hours if no major changes are made to the design), what can and cannot be altered on a design in terms of colours/ images etc. Have a think about what you would like to do.

With Creative Room, you get a collection of experts who are able to provide you with: Websites, Email marketing, PPC advertising, Apps, Online brochures, Online forms, Datacapture, Publicity, Google Adwords & Analytics support, Online marketing, Web banners, Video production, Soundtrack production, Hosting, Domain names, E-commerce and all the necessary parts needed for any form of marketing.

Take your business to the next level

If you need specific help with print and artwork, then please click to the advertising expertise page link: Information  to access our full list of; Product and Services. It’s all there for you to download and print out free without logging in or registering. If still can’t find the additional information you need regarding our services & products, then please make sure you give us the following information: Your name, your phone number, your e-mail address and a brief summary of what you want to find out. Go to this page for the form.

Core Website Services

Graphic Design, Website Development, Web Application Development, Native Application Development, CMS Solutions, E-Commerce Solutions, SEO Services, PPC Management, Link Building Services, Social Media Marketing and SEO Content Writing Services. In our area there are many businesses who will take your money for no reason.

Recent example of a new customer’s plight

An ecommerce company with a 400 product range online shop, was about to go live with their WordPress Woocommerce Website, but they were only 80% happy with the design and the page load was a bit slow. They had already paid out £1800, plus invested 6 months in working hours to upload all the products. So the guys looked around locally and sought advice from so called local web experts in Essex who I won’t mention.

Expert 1 (company name similar to certain weather). “The website looks a bit duff so we’ll need to redo the whole thing for £8000 plus you’ll need to reupload your 400 products in a Magneto style online shop to make this work.”

Expert 2 (company name like a large flying animal). “Well the website looks a bit grim so we’ll need to redesign the whole thing for £1500 plus you’ll need to reupload your 400 products into an online shopping cart to make this work. Oh and we only design websites, so you’ll need to find someone else to do the web build and configure the CMS and database for you.

Expert 3 (Marketing in Essex) “No worries guys just pay us around £980 and we’ll make your investment actually work how you want it to.” So we redesigned the colours and backgrounds, reconfigured the WordPress template, then we swopped over the hosting servers. Job done, the customer was by now 100% happy with their super website. The website went live and was trading and making money within just 3 weeks of the start our web consulting contract. That’s what you call a professional service.

Work it out for yourself. Who are the real Experts here?  Who just wanted the customers money? How credible are Experts 1 & 2 after advising a customer to take the wrong course of action? These modern websites are easy to use, ideal for a business where staff want to get involved. Your staff can easily update the CMS pages for you.