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Marketing in 300 words | Learn in 5 minutes

Marketing in 300 words. I’ve made this page for people who want to get a grasp of marketing in under 5 minutes. Marketing boils down to the coordination of 4 key functions:

  • Communication
  • Sales support
  • Knowing what’s happening
  • Studying interaction

Provide the breadcrumbs and touch points for the sales team to increase their sales.

No smoke and mirrors, just information that is true.


These days it’s all about websites, social media, advertising, email, events, meeting customers and handing out information. Your messages are spread via these 7 methods. Many link together to form cascaded messages that come from email or advertising to a website or social media platform, that invites people be part of an event. That event could be; a shop, a party, your showroom, a discussion online or just a gathering. Dither for too long and you’ll miss the greatest opportunities.

Sales support

Let us not kid ourselves that marketing and sales are the same thing. Marketing supports and enables sales. The brochure that the salesperson has, came from marketing. The website referred to was created from marketing research. The social media platform is overseen by marketing. Events are planned by marketing. Marketing spots opportunities for sales. Marketing is a foundation, a prop or even the superstructure of sales.

Knowing what’s happening

If marketing is needed to support sales and communication, then planning is needed to coordinate the activities over the year to keep everyone in the loop and ensure every activity is carried out on time and on budget. Planning would of course include research, which can be a very time consuming task, or can be gained via a straw poll online. If knowing what’s happening and you have an interest in history, the rest is dead easy.

Studying interaction

Once marketing has coordinated the activities of supporting sales and enabling communication, we need to test return on investment or ROI. For this we define goals like: sales made, people engaged, units sold, verses; money spent, hours staff were deployed, sub-contracted costs, third party costs. From this we decide what happens in the next year or five years. On you could say Marketing Strategy starts at this point.

I hope this helped? If you need any more help, contact me.

Laurence Dunn MCIM