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Construction of a new business card

Most of us know we need a business card even in the internet age. No one can do a better job than I can on your business card project. I suggest that you use people like Solopress for printing and let me do the design and artwork in the preferred format. I can manage the process for you and use formats such as Indesign and Adobe PDF. Then you’ll get the exact design and result that you deserve. Don’t worry as the costs are very low. I have over 42 years experience in MPS or Managed Print Services! Laurence Dunn MCIM

Graphic assets for the construction of a good business card

I have the creative and production skills to bring your product or service to life. I provide the theatre to leverage these creative skills to work more cost effectively for your product or service. I have the project management using Agile Methodology to ensure that everything happens when it should, at every stage of the project or campaign, plus I promise to keep within your resourcing budget. You can rest assured that I have completed many specialised projects during the last few years, working for many diverse global brands.

I am the provider of the following: direct marketing, advertising, sales promotion, business set-up, expansion, exhibition & experiential events, press advertising, local area networking, research and outdoor. Website, e-mail & ftp hosting, website design, page optimisation, search engine optimisation, online shopping, DM via email and postal mail. Customer acquisition, retention. Identity, branding, trademarks & livery. Movies for web-based media, or live broadcast. Literature, communications, brochures, flyers & business cards.

Print and other media samples available

For the following items: Litho and digital printed business cards, Menus, Marketing literature,  Advertising flyers, Brochures, Corporate clothing, Leaflets, Posters, Report and accounts, School, University or shareholders prospectus, Programmes, Hard bound books, Binders, Catalogues, Business stationery, Banners, Video production, Sound tracks, Flyer cards, Display boards, Signage, Folders, Point of sale displays and more.

Once you’ve landed a new prospect don’t forget them!

That fag paper with the details on can get lost in the wash. Think CRM solution. Track IP addresses. All websites can be linked to Google Analytics for assistance with your SEO (search engine optimisation) from day one. All websites can be adapted to enable low cost e-mail marketing, without the annual contracts. Also I can add an OS E-commerce (Online shopping interface) at the start of the build or add it a year later. You want a website that grows with you, not a cyber-yoke that sucks up your business resources. Be in a position to update your own content with no extra costs.

CRM business strategy that works

Sample Flowchart to show the stages required to filter data captured via online advertising

This schematic diagram shows a typical data feed to opt-in users

Schematic diagram for CRM (customer relationship marketing)

In the diagram above I start unravel the complexities of a marketing IT operation where inexperienced operatives have attempted to set up a website and data capture system. The result of that was total confusion. It looks horrendous but it works just about. Since we unravelled the loose ends and retied them in a more logical manner, the client has 100% control over the system and can benefit from their large investment. By adding some segmentation we were able to organise the user flows better for each brand.

The next stage of this project is to rationalise the set up and simplify it where possible to fewer suppliers and add social networking API’s.

Short case history via marketing flowchart

The diagram above says it all. One provider after another takes a brief and implements a quick fix solution. The client through lack of knowledge takes the solution offered and runs with it usually with compromised results. This shows the importance of paying a business analyst to review a system and show people how it works. Then to deconstruct the system to show and understand its core elements. To then match these core elements to business needs via stakeholder engagement and requirements gathering workshops. Once this has been done you will have a business strategy mapped out. We then move to a 5 year rescue plan, to put your business back on track. Then you need to go back to basics and get your sales people the best business cards that money can buy!

Laurence Dunn